LES CADAVRES: L'Art de Mourir LP 12''/CD

LP: 15€ + Postage

CD: 10€ + Postage


Side A :

  1. Memento Mori
  2. Chambre 105
  3. Plaisir A La Carte
  4. Au Bout Du Rail
  5. U.SS.A
  6. Les Voix Du Silence
  7. En Rade

Side B:

  1. Né Pour Crever
  2. Fragile
  3. Shot By Both Sides
  4. Pas De Commentaires
  5. Idole Factice
  6. A Bout De Souffle

Bonus CD:

  1. Memento Mori (Version alternative)
  2. Pas De Commentaires (Version alternative)
  3. Shot By Both Sides (Version alternative)
  4. Chambre 105 (Version alternative)
  5. En Rade (Version alternative)
  6. Stay Free (Compilation "Clash tribute")
  7. Kleenex (Compilation "Dites le avec des fleurs")
  8. Salopes de Keufs (Live Genève)

28 years after the CD release and almost 10 years after the first vinyl release on Dirty Punk Records, this record is now hard to find. This is probably one of the best French punk album and undoubtedly the best album of the 90s. L'Art de mourir (The art of dying) is quite simply the pinnacle of LES CADAVRES, the most successful, in short, their best album. It should have its place in all French punk vinyl collection. And there is still a bonus package including mostly alternate versions added to the CD.
Out in october 2021