LES CADAVRES:Existence Saine LP 12''/CD

LP: 14€ + Postage

CD: 10€ + Postage


Side A :

  1. Les Salauds Vont En Enfer
  2. Les Roses
  3. Dernière Virée
  4. Seul Dans Le Cimetierre
  5. Svetlana
  6. 7h23

Side B:

  1. Existence Saine
  2. Soldat Perdu
  3. Ennemi
  4. L'Etat Quotidien
  5. La Fin

Bonus CD:

  1. Existence Saine (Version originelle 1988)
  2. Rien A Dire, Rien A Faire (Compilation The 3rd sonic wolrd war)
  3. Soirée Vynile (45T Les Salauds vont en enfer 1988)
  4. Lantier Sur La Colline (EP Aujourd'hui les roses 1987)
  5. Elle M'a Quitté (EP Aujourd'hui les roses 1987)
  6. Notre Guerre ( Aujourd'hui les roses 1987)
  7. Avez Vous Des Nouvelles De Lantier? (Maquette 1987)
  8. Ma Téloche (Maquette 1987)
  9. Les Roses (Live Olympia 1989)
  10. 7h23 (Live Olympia 1989)
  11. Chambre 105 (Live Olympia 1989)
  12. Drapeau Blanc (Live Olympia 1989)


After our vinyl pressing in 2017 on Dirty Punk Records, this monument of French punk is back on CD and LP. This reissue is on black vinyl and simple sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Originally released in 1989, and after a few singles and compilations, the band has found a new sound and recorded those 11 tracks. "Existence Saine " is the beginning of some cult album series for the band, which is gonna spread its joy and good mood for decades on. Titles such as " 7h23 ", " Existence Saine ", " La Fin " ou " Les salauds vont en enfer " sure will remain in the Pantheon of French punk rock. Note that the CD contains 12 bonuses taken from the 1st 45rpms, various demos and lives. Co-production with AZM and Nineteen something.