THE EXPLOITED: "Complete Punk Singles Collection" double LP 12"

LP: 27€+ postage



Side A :

  1. Army Life
  2. Fuck The Mods
  3. Crashed Out
  4. Exploited Barmy Army
  5. I Believe In Anarchy
  6. What You Gonna Do
  7. Dogs Of War
  8. Blown To Bits (Live)

Side B:

  1. Dead Cities
  2. Hitler's In Charts Again
  3. Class War
  4. Attack
  5. Alternative
  6. Troops of tomorrow
  7. Y.O.P.
  8. Computers Don't Blunder

Side C:

  1. Addiction
  2. Rival Leaders
  3. Army Style
  4. Singalongbushell
  5. Jesus Is Dead
  6. Politicians

Side D:

  1. Drug Squad
  2. Privacy Invasion
  3. War Now
  4. United Chaos & Anarchy
  5. Sexual Favors

Here's one of the biggest British bands ever at Dirty Punk's. Regarding THE EXPLOITED, everything in vinyl has been pressed again for years, except singles, whose last vinyl pressing dates back to 1996. And, unlike this old edition, this new pressing also includes titles from the ''Jesus is Dead'' and "War Now'' maxi singles. You'll find everything : EPs, maxi singles and compilations: 27 tracks altogether. Therefore, it's a double vinyl with a wonderful gatefold sleeve. And, for every collector addicts, there is a double limited edition of 300 copies in clear turquoise blue. Very classy! Out on june 20022.