HATEFUL: "You Just Got Fooled Again" LP+CD/CD

LP: 15€+ postage

CD: 10€+postage



Side A :

  1. Indiscreet
  2. V4AC
  3. Braindead
  4. Chain Of Command
  5. Warhol's Wisdom
  6. You Just Got Fooled Again

Side B:

  1. Merci Encore
  2. Best Days
  3. No Tomorrows Left To Give
  4. Rotten Inside
  5. Audio Ammunition
  6. Narcissistic Puppet Master
  7. Fear Factory

Since HATEFUL exists, at “Dirty Punk” we are a fan and we follow this band very closely. All their albums are brillant but this time our 4 Scots are reaching the very high level! HATEFUL release probably here their best album. A wide variety of melodies, complex compositions, quality punk rock and the voice with a touch of oi! of the singer make these 13 songs (15 on the CD) a high quality album. This record is a marvel! So if you know the band, rush over it and if you haven't listened to Hateful yet, go there with your eyes closed. All the vinyls contain a CD with the 15 titles and the CD alone is in digipack. Out in april 2023.