L'INFANTERIE SAUVAGE: "1982-1984: Chansons à boire" CD

LP: 10€+ postage



  1. Je pense à la Russie
  2. Nuits blanches
  3. Bords de Seine
  4. Discolokaust
  5. Chanson à bouare
  6. Kriegspiel station
  7. Les Poings levés (mais les poings liés )
  8. Guignol gnafrons
  9. B.C.B.G.
  10. Destroy
  11. No Man's Land
  12. Un pays à défendre (inédit/unreleased 1984)
  13. Les héros du peuple sont immortels
  14. Vengeance personnelle
  15. Le nouveau septennat
  16. Adolf est au Vatican (inédit/unreleased 1983)
  17. Honneur et patrie
  18. Klub Méditérané
  19. Taille crayon
  20. ANPE
  21. Wild X-Mas Infantry
  22. Je cherche une liaison (inédit/unreleased 1982) 
  23. Mon combat (inédit/unreleased 1982) 
  24. Flics, bourgeois (inédit/unreleased 1982) 
  25. Boxer (live)
  26. Bords de Seine (live, version ska)
  27. Buvez mon sang (inédit/unreleased 1982)
  28. Politique (inédit/unreleased 1982)

Exception to the rule, this is a new release only on CD format. After the vinyl reissues of the best studio, demo and live recordings of L'Infanterie Sauvage, major and cult band of the punk/Oi! scene of the the early eighties, it was time for an anthology to bring together the best pieces on a CD. That has now been done, with a digipack and a 24 pages booklet, information, interview and rare or never seen pictures. The best influences, from The 4 Skins to The Business, including more technical evolution of Peter and The Test Tube Babies and a touch of ska. Obsessional lyrics about war, working class and some more humorous ones. L'Infanterie Sauvage broke up before finishing the last show in June 1984, the singer's path getting too far from the rest of the band. You will find of course the 7 studio songs (the EP and the songs taken from compilations) and a lot of songs taken from demos but above all there is also 7 unreleased songs. Sound quality is sometimes a bit low as you could listen to in almost of 80's demos tapes but you have in this CD, 28 testament songs of L'Infanterie Sauvage. Out for christmas 2018.