INFRAKTION: "Sous Les Pavés... La Rage" LP 12''

LP: 15€+ poostage



Side A :

  1. Fatigué D'attendre
  2. Irradié
  3. Mac Dollar
  4. Le Fugitif
  5. Appel à Témoin
  6. Témoin n°1
  7. Garde à Vue

Side B:

  1. Le Vigile
  2. Sois Faineant
  3. Insurrection
  4. Incendie
  5. Dommage
  6. Les Jeux Sont Faits


There are albums in the history of French punk that the lack of vinyl release was a really omission. In 2021, there aren't many, but the INFRAKTION album is one of them. 25 years after this frustration, you can die without remorse because here is finally this fabulous album on vinyl format. And what an album !!! In 1996, Les Cadavres no longer played and Vérole the singer was recruited by this band which already had three excellent demos to its credit. Very quickly the band tour without stopping. This is the time of the Les Sales Majéstés, Heyoka, Molodoï ... and Infraktion. This band recorded "Sous les pavés ... La rage" in 1996. On the bill of all festivals, the band becomes essential. The CD released by Crash Disques is a success. Here are these 12 wonderful punk rock tracks with incisive and sarcastic lyrics (including a fabulous punk rock cover of a Coluche song) available for the first time on vinyl. In a beautiful gatefold sleeve and with Chester drawing. 1000 copies including 700 yellow and 300 red vinyls.