KROMOZOM 4: "Des Cons Gelés" LP 12''

LP: 13€+ postage



Side A :

  1. Kromozom 4 Ter
  2. Remontée De Guezmer
  3. Ca Pique
  4. B.F.M.
  5. Tout Faux Retro
  6. Fifi La Fofolle
  7. Oumba
  8. La France a Peur
  9. Ni Queue Ni Tête

Side B:

  1. J'en Ai Marre D'être Vert
  2. L'Homme Qui n'a Pas d'Age
  3. BZH
  4. Le Raleur
  5. Pouet Pouet
  6. Paris Dakar
  7. Nanterre


Pioneers in the game of playing really fast, hard and fun in France, Kromozom 4 comes back 30 years after the split of the band to finish damaging your ears! They were thought dead when they were only frozen. Here they are again with 9 new tracks on the A side of this vinyl. Hardcore fun shakes your ears. On the B side, all the tracks of previous compilations of the 80's and unreleased tracks from 1985 and 1986 studio sessions... 7 cult tracks. Back in the game of one of the first French hardcore punk bands on a 500 copies green vinyl (like Kermit the frog fed up to be green).