NO CLASS: "Rien à faire" 12''

LP: 13€+ postage



Side A :

  1. On Est Baisé
  2. Tous Ces Cons (Ethilique)
  3. Jah

Side B:

  1. Rien A Faire
  2. Dr Klein
  3. Liberté


Only 6 tracks were enough for these 4 guys from Longwy to make NO CLASS a cult band with raw punk with plainly lyrics, inspiration from the English 82 punk wave and a really good sound studio quality. No Class is therefore 2 tracks on the Chaos en France compilations volumes 1 and 2 and one of the rarest EPs of the French punk scene of the 80's. Even the repressing released by Combat Rock in 1995 has now become very rare. It was therefore time to put their discography together on a vinyl accompanied by an insert with a lot of unseen photos. All on white vinyl including the CD format as a bonus + a limited edition of 200 copies on grey marbeled vinyl. In co-production with our friend Combat Rock.