TULAVIOK: Deche a la Chtouille LP12"

LP: 15€+ postage



Side A :

  1. Les Filles De Camaret
  2. Cathy
  3. Caroline La Prostipute
  4. Adieu, Fais-Toi Putain
  5. Nina Ma Poupée
  6. Gros Dégueulasse
  7. Vive La Merde

Side B:

  1. Zob-Zob-Zob
  2. Père Du Panloup
  3. Sac A Gnôle
  4. De Profondis
  5. Faits Comme Des Rats
  6. Tulaviok (Va vomir ton 4h ailleurs)

It’s been 10 years already since we’ve re-pressed that landmark of French punk rock, and 22 years since the release of the original album « Dèche à la Chtouille ». This TULAVIOK vinyl, which has been unavailable for ages, once again undergoes the Dirty Punk treatment. The band 's concept: doing bawdy songs the punk way.
To rise to the occasion, we have put every effort into it: we designed a trifold sleeve in order to put back the penis which had been taken off with the last pressing. A beautifully made object you about which we'll be talking again in ten years time!
Exclusive offer if you order directly from our on line shop, as a special gift: the original stencil for you to cut out, including the Zob Music logo, the exact replica of the one inserted in the "Dèche à la Chtouille" original album!
Please note that the CD will be released on the  Archives de la Zone Mondiale label.

Trifold inside sleeve