U.K. SUBS: "Welcome in a 2.0 world" LP 12"+CD'

LP: 15€+ postage



Side A :

  1. The Beast
  2. Dark Matter
  3. Predator
  4. Master Of The Stool
  5. Down On The Farm (Live à Vienne)
  6. Hell Is Other People (Live à Vienne)
  7. Warhead (Live à Vienne)

Side B:

  1. Hounds At The Door
  2. Geordie Ray
  3. Crank It Up
  4. 2000 Years
  5. Keep On Running 2018
  6. I've Got A Gun (Live à Vienne)
  7. Disease (Live à Vienne)


This new vinyl from the UK SUBS brings together the two 45s "The Beast" and "Predator" released in 2017 as well as the maxi "Screaming Senile" from 2018. These 3 vinyls were self-produced by the band itself and printed in a limited number of copies . That’s why it's really not easy to find them. So here it is again on this LP. 9 studio tracks with 5 live tracks recorded in Vienne (France). And with the vinyl, the CD is included and it contains the 9 titles as well as the live in Vienna in its entirety. Released with 2 different sleeves. Let the legend go on!!!